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Finca Sonora

by The Edelmann Family

From one of the best Coffee Producing Lands in the world.
Finca Sonora's heritage, originated almost 130 years ago, delivers an exquisite Specialty Coffee, high grown and nurtured in the beautiful State of Chiapas, Mexico.
Soon available in the USA.

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A little bit of Mexican-German Coffee history...

I. With a surface of 543 acres, in which specialty coffee of arabic variety is produced, as it is located within a fog forest at a height of 1,100 mts above sea level, with an average temperature of 15°C to 22°C, an ideal micro climate for the cultivation of coffee is created.

II. Property that dates back to 1888 when the Great Grandfather of the Edelmann family, Mr. Arthur Edelmann and his wife Doris Mertens; along with a group of nearby partners, all from Perleberg, Germany; accept the invitation from the President of Mexico, at that time, the famous General Porfirio Díaz, through the company «Chiapas Land & Colonization», to work and generate jobs in the lands of Soconusco, municipality of Tapachula, Chiapas.

III. When Arthur dies in 1933, his son Harald Bruno Edelmann, 22 years old, returns from Germany to assume General Management of what those years were 3 Coffee Farmhouses belonging to the Edelmann family.

IV. In 1939 Harald Edelmann installs the first and only functional funicular cargo machine in the State of Chiapas, which allows to transport the grain from Finca Sonora to another farm where the grain was processed and treated.

V. In 1943 Mexico declares war to Germany and the Mexican Government intervenes the lands of the Germans. For this reason, Harald, together with his family, is forced to leave his properties and to retreat to the City of Mexico. After 7 years, the family returns and buys back the properties from the Mexican Government, even though upon arriving, the coffee plantations and installations are all in ruins and in need to start again from scratch.

VI. Harald dies in 1976, leaving the farms with an excellent coffee production. At his death, his son Eberhard Edelmann Dopp assumes the leadership of all Coffee Farms, including Finca Sonora.

VII. Eberhard Edelmann Dopp marries Elba Luz Ayala and have three children: Everardo, Marliese & Hans. Eberhard dies in 2002, and his eldest son Everardo Edelmann Ayala assumes the management of Finca Sonora, keeping alive an important Mexican coffee heritage and piece of history, carrying out intense works in the field and generating an important source of employment for the local population.